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ARCH STRUCTURE SYSTEM: It includes strong tensiostatic and extremely adaptable gazeboes. These modular structures are provided with an easy and fast assembling system and may be combined together to form larger structures. Thought to cover wide areas in a flexible and cheap way, theses structure are mainly employed in accomodation tourist facilities, sports complexes, displays, recreational and military events, means of  transport depots, and, moreover, as emergency shelters or temporary lodging at the airports or ports, etc.

The standard covers are verified in their structural elements according to the calculations provisions UNI EN-13782:2006, (par. -wind load- and par. -snow load- ) relating to the typology of itinerant removable structures for private or public use. On request the structural elements will be modified and checked according to the local regulations in force . Sprech Srl reserves the right to make changes in the selected models.

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