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Agora Design

A physical space, a crossroads of expertise, the meeting of ideas, projects and professionalism. This is the leitmotif of Agorà Design, the design event organised by Sprech Group.

The historic centre of Martano (Lecce), the heart of Grecìa Salentina, will be where the roads of design, innovation and artisanal tradition intersect, giving life to a dynamic creative success.

The event aims to promote each of the steps leading to the creation of something new - idea, project, choice of material and production - and to encourage dialogue between new generations of professionals and manufacturing organisations. The programme promises a lively discussion on themes from architecture and design, and on the challenges of the future, with particular attention paid to functionality, aesthetic interest and environmental sustainability.

Independent professionals and companies will have the opportunity to present their architecture and design projects, with a major focus on street furniture and landscape elements. The audience will be inspired, participate in workshops, and discover new trends.

For those taking part in the competitions, not only will Agorà Design be a prestigious showcase, but the possibility to transform an idea from pencil to prototype.

As in the previous edition, the Sprech Group works to prototype the best projects for potential commercialisation.

From design to market, to ensure innovative projects have the chance to undertake the production journey that will make them the protagonists of everyday life.

Therefore, Agorà Design is a must-seize opportunity to partake in art and beauty.

The 2018 edition of "Sprech Agorà Design" is divided into four sections:

- Agorà LIVING - interior furniture - DOWNLOAD THE NOTICE

- Agorà GARDEN - furniture and outdoor solutions - DOWNLOAD THE NOTICE

- Agorà TEXTILE by Giovanardi - indoor/outdoor furniture with innovative textile products - DOWNLOAD THE NOTICE

- Agorà STONE by PIMAR - Stone design for indoor environment - Stone design for outdoor environment - DOWNLOAD THE NOTICE

Participation is free and open to everyone.